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Higher Education Faculty Members

Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreements

The State Board of Community and Technical Colleges maintains collective bargaining agreements on their website for faculty at community and technical colleges at


Washington Higher Education Coordinating (HEC) Board

State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

United Faculty of Washington State

United Faculty of Eastern

United Faculty of Central

United Faculty of Western

American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO

National Education Association

Washington Education Association

Washington Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC)

State Ethics Commission


Seattle Times op/ed, by Sandra Schroeder, July 19, 2005: Time for community colleges to step up for pay equity (click here to read the article) Updated information on AFT/WA's WAC Rewrite
Eastern Washington University faculty vote to unionize, 11/19/04. Professors at Central Washington University vote to unionize, May 2004
Testimony to the HEC Board on its graduation rates funding proposal in the 2004 strategic plan, 5/20/04

HECB considering new funding system for public colleges. Summaries of the 2004 Strategic Master Plan policy proposals.

AFT Opposes House Higher Education Bill (HR 4283) Four-Year Faculty Bargaining Bill signed by Governor, 2002
FY 2003-04 Full-time Faculty Average Salaries Comparison by CC/TC 

Index of AFT's News Releases on Higher Ed

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